The story behind the ICEBLOCK-PUTTER is actually quite an odd one. It all started in Basel, Switzerland with a surgeon (let’s call him ‘The Professor’) who grew increasingly frustrated with all the available options on the golf market for putting. He was looking for a Putter that was both really well designed and extremely precise – aesthetics based on a deep understanding of human biodynamics.


As with his previous inventions – most notably one of the bestselling implantable hearing aids worldwide and several titanium nose implants – the Professor started experimenting and was not satisfied until there was a truly revolutionary solution at hand. The ICEBLOCK-PUTTER is the result of this journey.



In 2016 the ICEBLOCK-PUTTER went from being just a prototype to a Putter that officially conforms to the rules of Golf according to R&A St.Andrews and is now distributed to Golf connaisseurs and players worldwide.





We believe that our story is as unique as our product – and we would love for you to be part of our story! That’s why we plan to share videos on Youtube. And we would love to get your feedback and insight into how we can create an even better experience for you – our valued customers!


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Prof. Dr. med. Daniel F. à Wengen
Surgeon, Inventor, CEO