15. Juni 2024, Deutschland, Iceblockputter Standard:

Hallo Ihr Lieben, wie ihr seht (Foto mit 2 Ladies, einem Senior nicht hier veröffentlicht), hat der tolle Putter schon erfolgreich in Soufflenheim Einzug gehalten. Wir sind froh, dass wir ihn haben. 

I purchased the large ice block putter at the end of June 2023 and received it early July 2023.
I am playing golf since 1977 and was at best an average putter all my life. Since receiving it my game has been transferred . I now believe Incan hole everything inside 20 feet. I hardly ever miss anything inside 10 foot. My handicap had slipped into 8.4 by late last June. Today it stands at 5.1 . This reduction is down to the Ice Block and nothing else. 
I have one criticism . I will have this in my bag for the rest of my life and I don't think the cover is good enough to see me out!!
I have attached a copy of my scores . The top half is from sept to July and lower have Apr to June  (before Ice Block).
It is easy to see the top half has twice as many red scores (birdies) as the lower half. Proof that I am making more putts. 
Well done to everyone and thanks for keeping an old fat lad in single figures for another few years.
Aidan O Shaughnessy
Cork Golf Club
Walter E., Switzerland:
Der Iceblock macht spielerisch eine Freude und weckt hier in Südafrika grossen Aufsehen. Wie kann man mit Plexiglas putten heisst hier die Frage oder ist er so gut wie er aussieht?  
MeineVerbesserung beim Putten überzeugt auch die Mitspieler.
Feedback to Walter by a Professional in South Africa:
"Your Iceblockputter gives joy in playing and raises interest in other players. They are puzzled that one can put with a
putter of acrylic glass (plexiglass) and they find it visually attractive."

 Vera C., Switzerland January 2023:

I am very satisfied with the Iceblockputter. Thank you again for the exchange.


Peter H., Switzerland April 2023:

Thank you for your suggestion. Since I'm 1.78 meters tall, I will order the putter in 33" instead of 31". 


Remo B., Switzerland 2023:

Hello, I have seen you in the TV and I'm excited also for swiss handcrafted. I'm 1.86 meters tall and I'm not sure which shaft length or size I should order.
Answer: size 34"

Beatrice K., Switzerland April 2023:

The putter arrived today and my husband was very happy. I showed him your performance at the German TV video  "Die Höhle der Löwen".

Golferin, Club Lavaux, Switzerland
"Hallo Herr Professor,
Ich habe mit Interesse am letzten Montagabend die Höhle der Löwen verfolgt und war so enttäuscht über das negative Resultat. Am liebsten hätte ich sofort noch während der Sendung ins Studio telefoniert um zu bezeugen wie toll der Iceblockputter ist.
Leider habe ich bis heute nur eine Golferin im Club de Lavaux überzeugt auch wenn viele meinen Putter ausprobieren wollen. Wenn sie nicht beim ersten Schlag einlochen ist Kopfschütteln angesagt ! Schade !
Ich wünsche Ihnen weiterhin viel Erfolg mit diesem top Putter und verbleibe mit besten Grüssen."

Golf Pro, USA:

The ICEBLOCK PUTTER reviewed by Alex Fortey from the "The Art of Simple Golf" Youtube channel:

"Improve your putting stroke instantly with this strange golf putter called Ice Block Putter. With a solid feel and great balance, it provides an easy way to line up your putts and to have a stable and smooth putting stroke."

Excerpt from the review on pluggedingolf.com:
The ICEBLOCK PUTTER Standard is a unique club. I felt that this was a great training tool. The weight of the club helped me make a smoother takeaway that stayed on plane. Being able to stand behind my ball to view my alignment was educational. The alignment aids did help me start my putts on a more accurate line.

Frank G., USA:

"I thought I would take a moment to express how pleased I have been with the ICEBLOCK PUTTER.  My distance accuracy on my long putts has noticeably improved.  Combining your magnificent putter with the Instinct Putting book has totally revitalized my putting proficiency!

Excerpt from the article on Golf.com:

“You put it on the putting green, you look through the putter head, you adjust the face angle until it is perfectly right: where you want the ball to go.”

Jay Golden, Teaching Pro PGA about the ICEBLOCK PUTTER @ PGA Merchandise Show Orlando 2017


The ICEBLOCK PUTTER in the "Morning Drive" on the Golf Channel(video) with Cara Robinson and Co-Hosts January 27, 2017.




A series of perfect puts at the PGA Merchandise Show Orlando 2017.
The ICEBLOCK PUTTER is so reliable!


Martin Chuck, worldfamous Golf teacher/instructor liked the ICEBLOCK PUTTER at the PGA Demo day in Orlando Florida. The interest on this brand new putter was overwhelming! We have a great product at hand that will facilitate putting for many golfers around the world.