In this section we will regularly upload testimonials for our ICEBLOCK PUTTER

Excerpt from the article on Golf.com:

“You put it on the putting green, you leave it there, you take a step back, you look through [the putter head], you adjust the face angle until it is perfectly right where you want the ball to go.”

Jay Golden, Teaching Pro PGA about the ICEBLOCK PUTTER @ PGA Merchandise Show Orlando 2017


The ICEBLOCK PUTTER in the "Morning Drive" on the Golf Channel(video) with Cara Robinson and Co-Hosts January 27, 2017.



Japanese Film Team with our ICEBLOCK PUTTER.

Martin Chuck, worldfamous Golf teacher/instructor liked my ICEBLOCK PUTTER today at the PGA Demo day in Orlando Florida. The interest on this brand new putter was overwhelming! We have a great product at hand that will facilitate putting for many golfers around the world.


Ruling of R&A St.Andrews 2016: "The Iceblock Putter conforms to the rules of golf."