In this section we will regularly upload testimonials for our ICEBLOCK PUTTER

"I thought I would take a moment to express how pleased I have been with the IceBlock putter.  My distance accuracy on my long putts has noticeably improved.  Combining your magnificent putter with the Instinct Putting book has totally revitalized my putting proficiency!


Frank G., USA


Excerpt from the article on Golf.com:

“You put it on the putting green, you leave it there, you take a step back, you look through [the putter head], you adjust the face angle until it is perfectly right where you want the ball to go.”

Jay Golden, Teaching Pro PGA about the ICEBLOCK PUTTER @ PGA Merchandise Show Orlando 2017


The ICEBLOCK PUTTER in the "Morning Drive" on the Golf Channel(video) with Cara Robinson and Co-Hosts January 27, 2017.



Japanese Film Team with our ICEBLOCK PUTTER.

Martin Chuck, worldfamous Golf teacher/instructor liked my ICEBLOCK PUTTER today at the PGA Demo day in Orlando Florida. The interest on this brand new putter was overwhelming! We have a great product at hand that will facilitate putting for many golfers around the world.


Ruling of R&A St.Andrews 2016: "The Iceblock Putter conforms to the rules of golf."